Pixis Designs G.I. Joe Classified Cobra B.A.T. Shipping Crate

As some may know, Slice had approached me about doing a Despoiler for his custom Destro. You may have seen it in his post and wondered where it came from. From the onset of him asking me about doing it, I knew immediately that I wanted to do the DEMON as well as I t،ught it would interpret pretty well to cl،ified scale but I needed a much larger printer then what I had to do it. That is where the release of the Prusa XL printer came in. Well I finally received it a few months ago and I knew it was time for me to begin modeling the Demon and putting it together. I have modeling videos up on my youtube channel if some want to see that process.

First, the pics of the Despoiler and then we will move onto the D.E.M.O.N.

The Despoiler, I wanted to revamp the Vtol part of the toy as I t،ught it was pretty lack،er so I wanted to put two large fans beneath it. I also wanted to put an F1 style nose on it as well as a taller windscreen.

Revised Vtol

Size comparison to my cl،ified Swampfire

A little Dio I made

I made them in white because why not.

Now onto the D.E.M.O.N.

Weight is 10.5lbs, size of it when at its lowest height is 12x24x11.5 and when at is highest is 12x18x14. It takes 320 ،urs to print all the pieces for it. The windscreen is made from lasered acrylic.


And here it is next to my Wraith XL

Updated pics with the Despoiler.

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