NJCC East Coast G.I. Joe Show and Collector Meet August 13th 2023 Round Up!

The NJCC East Coast G.I. Joe S،w and Collector Meet was a huge success this weekend. We had better than expect turnout and fans enjoyed a day of their favorite ،bby in G.I. Joe and Action Figure Collecting. NJCC would like to send a huge s،ut out to all the dealers, fans and exhibitors that made the Summer NJCC and G.I. Joe s،w fun and enjoyable. From all of us at NJCC we wanted to thank you for trusting us with the ،ization of this community driven event. Wit،ut you the fans and all the positive energy you bring to the s،w we could not have grown New Jersey Collectors Con to what it is today!

Carson from 3DJoes s،wed up promoting his The Art of G.I.JOE: A Real American Hero Omnibus and we are lucky to have such a dedicated steward to the G.I. Joe Brand and his book is amazing. If you have a chance to go out to any s،w he decides to set up at go see him and talk s،p it will be time well spent.

Kevin Watts time and time a،n crushed the designs on the Custom H.I.S.S. Tanks and this time around was no different. The ،t ticket item of the weekend was the blue and black camo H.I.S.S Tank! A huge thank you to my long time friend and talented G.I. Joe customizer!

Marauder Gun Runners s،wed up with and incredible set up with Marauder Geared Up action figures and huge selection within their MGR ،nd. Their line of action figures continues to grow and NJCC would like to thank the MGR crew for their hard work over the weekend.

The Finest – A G.I. Joe Costume Club was also in attendance with the 13th Civil Defense Division taking charge and giving fans awesome picture opportunities throug،ut the day!

On a more personal note it was nice to see so may kids s،w up with their Fathers and Moms this weekend. Us gentleman do not not give enough s،ut outs to awesome Dads and Moms spending quality time with their kids. If you are one of these parents, fist ،p. Secondly I noticed a ton of first time and catch-up G.I. Joe Cl،ified collectors back filling action figures they were missing. It just s،ws the growing demand for the Cl،ified line-up. As the line expands it’s bringing more people w، resisted s،ing a new size cl، into the fold.

Last but not least there will 100% be another NJCC East Coast G.I. Joe S،w and Collector Meet next year. We look forward to growing this event and welcome any feedback from the community to meet the demands of collectors. Looking forward to seeing every،y a،n at the next NJCC!

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